Corporate Social Responsibility

Almod Diamonds strongly believes in giving back to the communities that host our operations and people, which includes locations ranging from New York to Namibia, South Africa. In partnership with our retail affiliate, Diamonds International, with stores throughout the Caribbean, Mexico and Alaska, our employees are encouraged to get involved in local charity work and participate in corporate responsibility projects throughout the world.

A few examples of Almod's generosity include; supporting the Charitable Eyecare Mission in Tanzania, donating an office building to Big Brothers, Big Sisters in the Cayman Islands, funding college programs in Israel, helping to coordinate events to benefit cancer research and the humane society throughout the Caribbean, organizing beach cleanups in the Honduras, assisting families in need in Israel, repainting a school in Belize, helping to fund the Baby Haven orphanage in Namibia, and so much more..... 

Almod Diamonds Namibia--Investing in Her Most Valuable Resource

Almod Diamonds first opened its Windhoek, Namibia diamond cutting facility in 2008. Almod sources many of its rough diamonds from the Alluvial mines along Namibia's coastal Atlantic Ocean. The diamonds are precious, but so are the residents of Namibia.

Almod purposed to train local residents to become expert diamond cutters of its premium ninety-facet diamond, the Crown of Light.  It would have been more efficient to bring in pre-trained diamond cutters, but Almod was keenly aware of the limited employment opportunities available for Namibians. With a desire to do more for this enchanting community, the company developed an initiative to train local residents, who are now skilled and earn far more than other work opportunities. It's most gratifying to have assisted so many local people to learn a lifelong skill they can take wherever they go, ensuring a hopeful future for these Namibian citizens.

Baby Haven -- An Opportunity to Love

Almod’s core philosophy involves investing back into the communities that host us, including Namibia where many of its diamonds are harvested.  It didn't take long for the company to become deeply attached to the nation and its citizens.  A nearby orphanage, Baby Haven, soon captured Almod’s attention & heart for its extraordinary mission. The grass roots project provides shelter and nurturing to Namibia's most vulnerable citizens: orphaned infants and children with HIV/AIDS. Almod partnered with this amazing shelter to not only provide ongoing financial support but to also share in the love and attention these little ones so desperately crave.  No trip to Namibia is complete for any Almod staff member without spending time playing with the children and bringing them toys, much needed supplies and witnessing how they are flourishing at Baby Haven.