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Cozumel and Grand Cayman!

“My boyfriend and I went into DI in cozumel first during a cruise, just browsing. We hadn't planned to buy anything... ended up leaving with 2 of the most beautiful rings I have ever seen! The customer service is AMAZING! Everyone is very helpful. The prices are unbeatable! We were so happy that we went to DI in Grand Caymen as well on the same cruise and left with a wedding band for him!! Same amazing customer service and prices!! Now if only he would just ask me to marry him HAHAHA! That's right, the people were so nice and the prices so great that we have all the necessary rings and he hasn't even asked me yet! We WILL BE BACK! I'm thinking I'll need some pink sapphire and diamond jewelry for the wedding ;)”
Katie johnson
New Castle , Indiana , US

Beautiful Tanzanite and Diamond Ring

“My husband and I were in Key West and came upon your store. He surprised me with a beautiful tanzanite and diamond ring on New Years Day! I had been looking for an affordable dark blue tanzanite ring for a long time. We got a great deal. I just came back from getting an appraisal for insurance on my new ring, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that it is worth more than double what we paid for the ring. The tanzanite center stone is worth just under what we paid for the whole ring. Thank you DI for making my dreams of owning a Dark Blue Tanzanite ring a reality.
Cyndi Tijerina
Tampa , Florida , US

THE Ring

“We were vacationing on a Princess cruise when we visited Diamonds International in Cancun. My wife and I went into the city just shopping like tourists when we walked into DI to 'browse' and to check on wedding bands.(I lost mine somewhere) and needed to replace mine. We looked and found the perfect gold rings we each would wear. While looking around I saw a perfect diamond and after a lengthy discussion between us, and the sales clerk, we were able to purchase the largest diamond we ever thought we could afford!It was a wonderful day, and after completing a more than $20k purchase, we celebrated by returning to our ship with a horse and buggy ride! It truly was a perfect day, with the perfect purchases for my most perfect wife! Thank you DI for those perfect purchases!”
Mark Rosenbauer
Satellite Beach , Florida , US

Excellence in action - Diamonds International Roatan, Honduras

“We were on a mission to upgrade my wife's wedding ring on our recent visit to Roatan, Honduras while on a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line.

The personal attention provided to my wife and I by Zenola and Amit of Diamonds International along with Bridgette (Shopping Consultant NCL Pearl) made our visit today an absolute joy. We found the perfect Crown of Light piece at an affordable price. Thank you for such a wonderful and memorable experience.”
Scotty And Sharon Baker
Olive Branch , Mississippi , US

Purchase in Grand Cayman

“My new wife and I were on our anniversary cruise this past September on the Royal Caribbean Navigator and thanks to our port shopping guide Ian we were lead into your store and the service was amazing. We purchased a Phillip Stein watch for myself (that I never take off) and the most beautiful Marahlago necklace for my wife!! Had we not come into your store we would not have been introduced to this amazing stone! My wife is in love with her necklace and I love the way she looks in it! We are coming back next September and planning to purchase an addition to her new collection of Marahlago for our first anniversary!!! Thanks for helping us start our marriage off in such a beautiful way!”
Jamie Kubiak
Houston , Texas , US